India : The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Trekkers/Hikers/Lovers of Nature, have you ever been to the Himalayas?

If you have, that's amazing! And you're here possibly because you've fallen in love with the charm and beauty of the Himalayas and you are yearning for more.

If you haven't, that's okay! Because it's never too late to start, and you know you WILL visit this amazing place some day and here, I'm gonna share my adventure stories and hopefully try to convince you to pack your bags and hiking shoes and go NOW.

The Himalayas span over five countries : India, Bhutan, Nepal, China, Pakistan. One of the most beautiful Himalayan treks i have done is the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, the beauty of which is etched in my memory, and will continue to be so for a long, long time.



I was very fortunate to have my travel story featured and published on . If you'd like to read more about my adventure in the Kashmiri Himalayas, please feel free to check it out now.



After reading the post, i hope you get a better picture of how beautiful these mountains are, and are inspired to hit the road, just like how i was inspired by other writers alike. 

More blog posts on other Himalayan adventures of mine coming up soon. 🙂

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