Welcome to my space. Happy you're here!

What is the open road? 

A journey to a new place. A travel path. A venture into the unknown.

Figuratively, it is also the journey of the mind, body and soul. A life adventure. An exploration of the creative mind and open heart. An understanding of the universe. A search for meaning. 

 I am just another human being. Thinking. Exploring. Traveling. Sharing stories. Hopefully inspiring. Read more about me HERE.


Being the avid Instagramer that i am, i've come to realize how annoyingly long-winded i can be when sharing travel stories on Instagram! So what's a better platform for a lengthy verbal expression of my travel experiences, other than a blog? So much to share, so many stories to tell. And i'm excited to tell you all about it! 

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I also invite you to my sanctuary of thoughts and personal philosophies. Valuable life lessons. Observations and interpretations of the simplest things in everyday life. My deepest insights when traveling far or even just hanging out in my backyard. 


Hi, I'm Jun.

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